Value Added Services

Value Added Logistic Services

All of our Polish warehouse facilities offer comprehensive value-added services, designed to meet your needs. In addition, we can customize any value-added service to fit your specific requirements. The primary activities that take place in our distribution center include receiving goods, storing goods, and preparing goods for shipment. Nowadays, in addition to these traditional logistics activities many high-value activities are performed in our warehouse centers. These additional activities can be divided into Value Added Logistics (VAL) and Value Added Services (VAS).

Examples of Value Added Logistic Services

VAL refers to activities that directly add value to the final product. Examples of VAL activities include: 

  • pick/pack
  • order assembly and fulfillment
  • labeling
  • packing and re-packing
  • display assembly
  • attaching labels to shipments
  • adding documentation in the language of the country
  • products kitting (clothes)
  • product returns (Reverse logistics)
  • quality checks

VAS activities add value to the supply chain in a general sense like; in financing, organization, or marketing. Examples of VAS activities include:

  • stock management
  • handling of customs transactions
  • order management
  • cross docking
  • track and trace
  • VAT administration
  • invoicing

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