Co-Packing Services NL

Co-Packing Services NL

SYTO Culemborg is located in the center of the Netherlands (3.000 square meter, nearby Utrecht). SYTO is able to guide and direct complete co-packing flows resulting in a higher efficiency to the supply chain. 

SYTO processes all sorts of products, such as; concept and loyalty promotions, printing, Christmas productions, multimedia productions including games, CDs and DVDs, cosmetics, displays.

The group has, in recent years itself specialized in processing concepts for Shopper Marketing, Promotion and Loyalty programs such as; the best Dutch loyalty program of 2015, the kitchen gardens of Albert Heijn and the Farm life of Albert Heijn.

SYTO Co-Packaging NL is specialised in short and quick actions. We solve problems.

Our activities include;

  • repacking / packing consumer goods
  • product packing, mailings 
  • product labeling
  • compose displays
  • sealing
  • shrink wrapping
  • processing / sorting / packing
  • enclosing information
  • mounting / assembly of goods
  • quality control
  • prepare products for shipment

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