New slogan

New slogan

To meet our customers needs and to be a better company, we need to do as we say. We believe that the last economic crisis strengthens our strategy and intensifies the demand of our slogan “More value to packaging”. It’s a new slogan and a promise to our customers, partners and to our employees. It’s a promise we need to make to ourselves.

More value to packaging
For the future SYTO wants to combine its packing facilities with warehousing and logistics. We offer “total package deals”.

The slogan “More value to packaging” includes a lot more;

  • It reaffirms our ambition to strengthen our position.
  • It gives more value to a sustainable partnership.
  • It gives more value to our responsibilities.
  • It gives more value to quality.
  • It expresses a commitment to everything we do.
  • It puts clients at the center of our thinking.
  • It’s a statement

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